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Pilgrimage To Atlanta

Pics002_3 About 3 weeks ago, I found out my wife was going to be heading to Atlanta on a business trip for two weeks. Immediately I hade to check out braves.com and see who they were playing the weekend of April 30th. Good news, they were home that weekend and taking on the metropolitians. Good division matchup, I was definitely going to be there, purchased my tickets, got them in the mail, and left on Friday to head down.

Not too bad of a drive, well, until you get into Atlanta. Word to the wise, don’t drive into ATL on Friday at rush hour, you sir, will go nowhere. I was a bit early, so I decided to head to Alpharetta, where she was staying. Bad Idea, traffic is just as bad going  into ATL as going out. However still made it on time to the game, with about 30 minutes to spare.

John Smoltz vs Pedro Martinez, that was something i was reallly looking forward to. I have seen Smoltzy pitch on several occasions at Turner Field, however, not such a pitching matup like this. They previously had matched up 4 times in 2005. Both ended up 2-2 with respectably low ERA’s.

I headed to my seats, Section 106, Row 6. It’s pretty easy to get GREAT seats when you go by yourself. I only have a chance to catch about 4 games a year so it was worth the $53 a ticket.  Out in the main plaza was none other than Chip Caray (son of Skip, grandson of Harry) along side Mark Lemke, during the radio pregrame show on the Braves radio network. The plaza, as most know is home to several cool things for adults and children alike, Tooner Field, amongst other things..

Pics012_1 Here were the view from my seats, great VIEW! The mets jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the first inning after was surely looked like a strike on a 3-2 pitch to Jose Reyes. In my opinon turning point of the entire game, in the top of the 1st. Chipper managed to hit a 2 run jack however thats all the Braves were able to get and lost the game 5-2

However, it was all worth it. In the late innings, former Brave, Julio Franco G7yzjajd came up to bat, and after he was announced over the PA, a huge cheer! It had to last a minute or two, At first Julio raised up his hand to acknowlege the crowd, but that wasn’t enough, the cheers turned into a standing ovation, Julio stepped out of the batters box, Remlinger stepped off the mound, and Julio took off his helmet and waves to the crowd. To me, that was special, what a class act guy. You can read more about that here.

Final Score

Mets 5 – Braves 2