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I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days, i’ve been out on business. More in the coming 24 hours…


1 Run Games Make The Baby Jesus Cry`

27 games, Thats how many total games the Braves have played in this young season. 14 games, Thats how many total 1 run games the Braves have been involved in. Losing 5 out of 9 one run ballgames? Not exactly priceless.

Braves fans are used to 1-run ballgames, almost if its just enough for the Braves to get by. This year, if you expect to win the division you have to pad your leads and keep them.

I’ll be honest, this is the best NL East Division i’ve seen in a few years, except obviously for the Nationals and the diapered Florida Marlins.

Last Night the Braves dropped the first game of the 2-game series with the Phillies, 5-4. Andruw Jones hit his 9th homer of the season in their effort, blame this game on the pen, Remlinger managed to give up a 8th inning 2 run shot to Aaron Rowand.

Renteria extended his hit-streak to 18 games.

Not a whole lot to say, didn’t get a chance to watch but two innings of the game, I only will miss games on TV when my favorite show comes on..

B0009wpm1q01 Yep, pretty much the best show on TV.

Turner South, My South?

Turner20south20logo_1As many of you know, On May 1st Time Warner dealt Fox Cable Networks "Turner South" for a approximately $375 million dollars in cash. Turner South has the rights to broadcast 58 Atlanta Braves game this season and Chip Caray, Don Sutton, Pete Van Weiren, and Skip Caray have essentially "lost" their jobs on the network and will NOT continue to broadcast games on the network. They will continue however on TBS and on the Atlanta Braves radio network. We are extremely fortunate to now have Bob Rathbun and Jeff Torborg calling the action. Really I’m full of it, I couldn’t stand them on 1 game a week on Fox Sports South, let alone 4 or 5 games a week. I’d rather listen to my wife b**ch about me playing xbox too much, or telling me to clean up the dog poop. I wish I didn’t live in an area where there were no Braves affiliates, I’d be must more happy with listening to Skip say something really dumb and Pete calling him out on it, but no I’m doomed to a life of hearing, "When I was managing this team, or when I was a catcher in the big leagues..Jeez, Torborg was a .214 Career Hitter, and had a .469 winning percentage as a manager, but I will say, at least he is better than his predecessor Tom Paciorek.

The fact of the matter is, Atlanta Braves fans expect to hear Skip, Pete, Don, and Chip – Outside of Chip, who has only been with the team for a few years, its like blasphemy, quite like eating cake without the icing. THEY ARE THE VOICE OF THE BRAVES! It’s indeed a shame, and unfortunately there isn’t anything anyone can about it.

Braves down Rockies 5-4, Sweep Series.

Ph_407901Jorge, Jorge, Jorge – what to say? The first inning, Sosa looked sharp. Perhaps his best first inning of the season. Any frankly he didn’t pitch as bad as his previous four starts. He went a season high, 6 innings, gave up 6 hits, 3 for homers, 4 earned runs, struck out three and walked just one. Cox on the Braves pitching, ""Our bullpen really held together tonight and Sosa was good at times, He just made some mistakes with that breaking ball again and they hit it out. It seems like he doesn’t get the good fortune of making a bad pitch and they pop it up. It went out tonight."

Wrryiekd_1  Where have you been Mr. Giles? Coming in to last nights game, Gilly was batting a cool .195 and was only 1/12 with RISP, in game 2 Giles went 4/5 with 3 singles and a game winning RBI double in the 8th that allowed Andruw Jones to score and the Braves to eventually win the game 5-4.  The Braves are headed to Philly to take on their division counterparts, and Giles will be taking a "more pretty" batting average of .230.

All 5 runs came with 2 outs in the inning, now the Braves are hitting .289 with 2 outs after going 6-14 on Tuesday Night.

Game 1 of a 2 game set with Philadelphia begins tonight at 7:05p ET, John Smoltz vs Brett Myers.

TV: Fox Sports South, CSN

Forgot To Mention

I’ve had several email conversations back and forth with Zack Hample, aka "The Baseball Collector" who also has a very cool blog here on Check it out here. If you aren’t familair with Zack, he is one of the coolest people i’ve ever had a chance to talk to, he’s got balls..lots of balls.., heh. Almost 2800 if not more, that he has grabbed at major league parks across the country. Anyway, last year, we had a correspondence and I was asking him about a good section to catch a ball during BP. He’s been the Ted before so he was the perfect guy to ask, I ended up coming away with a Brian Jordan home-run ball during batting practice.

Over the weekend, when I was in Atlanta, I camped out this the right field seats for BP, the mets are loaded with Lefties. I came away with two balls, no pun intended. One was thrown the me by John Foster, Reliever for the Braves who is currently on the DL, and the other one I physically caught off the bat of Carlos Delgado on a ball that barely cleared the right field wall. Pretty cool… The "All-Star 2005 Ball was thrown to my by John Foster, the other one is the HR ball off Delgado.


Braves / Rockies Game 2

6443 After Tim Hudson’s beautiful 1 hit, complete game shout-out against the Colorado Rockies last night, Jorge Sosa (0-4 6.89) returns to the hill tonight to face Aaron Cook (2-3 3.44) to attempt to sweep the Rockies in this shortened 2 game series. Sosa, had been less than remotely effective in his previous four starts managing nearly only 4 innings per start, has given up 12 runs in only 15.2 innings of work, 8 walks and has only managed 8 strikeouts.

I look for Jorge to settle down this start and get back on track, fortunately he only has one direction to go, and that is up, it can’t get any worse.

In a perfect world, if Sosa continues his demise, Bobby Cox would stick Sosa in the bullpen, and would allow Chucky James to have a shot at the starting rotation. At the moment, that is impossible. Ramierez remains on the DL with a hamstring isssue and the Atlanta Journal-Consitution reports he has been doing some like running and throwing, however this is still no time table for his return.

Today’s players to keep an eye on are right fielder Jeff Francouer, and Andruw Jones to have huge games. I think the offense comes back tonight, which in turn allows Sosa to calm down.

Pilgrimage To Atlanta

Pics002_3 About 3 weeks ago, I found out my wife was going to be heading to Atlanta on a business trip for two weeks. Immediately I hade to check out and see who they were playing the weekend of April 30th. Good news, they were home that weekend and taking on the metropolitians. Good division matchup, I was definitely going to be there, purchased my tickets, got them in the mail, and left on Friday to head down.

Not too bad of a drive, well, until you get into Atlanta. Word to the wise, don’t drive into ATL on Friday at rush hour, you sir, will go nowhere. I was a bit early, so I decided to head to Alpharetta, where she was staying. Bad Idea, traffic is just as bad going  into ATL as going out. However still made it on time to the game, with about 30 minutes to spare.

John Smoltz vs Pedro Martinez, that was something i was reallly looking forward to. I have seen Smoltzy pitch on several occasions at Turner Field, however, not such a pitching matup like this. They previously had matched up 4 times in 2005. Both ended up 2-2 with respectably low ERA’s.

I headed to my seats, Section 106, Row 6. It’s pretty easy to get GREAT seats when you go by yourself. I only have a chance to catch about 4 games a year so it was worth the $53 a ticket.  Out in the main plaza was none other than Chip Caray (son of Skip, grandson of Harry) along side Mark Lemke, during the radio pregrame show on the Braves radio network. The plaza, as most know is home to several cool things for adults and children alike, Tooner Field, amongst other things..

Pics012_1 Here were the view from my seats, great VIEW! The mets jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the first inning after was surely looked like a strike on a 3-2 pitch to Jose Reyes. In my opinon turning point of the entire game, in the top of the 1st. Chipper managed to hit a 2 run jack however thats all the Braves were able to get and lost the game 5-2

However, it was all worth it. In the late innings, former Brave, Julio Franco G7yzjajd came up to bat, and after he was announced over the PA, a huge cheer! It had to last a minute or two, At first Julio raised up his hand to acknowlege the crowd, but that wasn’t enough, the cheers turned into a standing ovation, Julio stepped out of the batters box, Remlinger stepped off the mound, and Julio took off his helmet and waves to the crowd. To me, that was special, what a class act guy. You can read more about that here.

Final Score

Mets 5 – Braves 2