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    To all the Braves fans around the world how much longer do we have to put up with Chris Reitsma blowing games for us? Bobby is the greatest manager of all time but he is wrong about Reitsma, we should send him back to the farm club so he can help them blow close games. Also, to the Mets fans do not get comfortable in first place because it is only a matter of time before the Braves are Division Champs again. GO BRAVES!


    I got bored so i started writing this “poem” about the braves..and the 14 titles, and their struggles this year..well here it is.

    The Braves

    14 straight is what they’ve done

    Now their having trouble just winning one.

    Dropping Leo was stupid I know

    Cause without pitching where can you go?

    To the bottom is where ,and that’s no good at all

    Cause then they’ll drop Bobby and continue to fall

    They have plenty of fans and a great city at that

    But it might be better if Andrew wasn’t so fat

    Yea I know that wouldn’t change much

    But adding Edgar was a helpful touch.

    Maybe a trade or a change will do

    But their never out of it, and that’s what’s true

    Don’t think so fast many will say

    Cause the Braves will be on top at the end of the day

    Maybe not so quick will these things take place

    But the Braves are never truly outa the race

    For the past 14 years they’ve done it all

    So its kind of a mystery how they’ve started to stall

    They’ll win it again, soon you’ll see

    You may think im crazy, but that’s just me.


    I would just like to say first of all pretty cool poem. Second June killed us if we lose the division by a few games it will all b because of June. However we still have 2 1/2 months of baseball left and now the Stinksma is gone our bullpen does seem to be taking into some shape minus a few exceptions. I mean we are 11.5 out of first but on May 26 we were 16 back and in last we have now gained 4.5 games and are in 2nd. If one big injury to a Muts player such as Beltran, Delgado, Wright, or even Reyes happens i say we have a chance and all Braves fans need to think so.


    dear braves please start all of your september call up’s this the playoffs can at least get intresting,with pedro out for the year and all.go stros just win baby!!!!!!


    hey, im from philly and i have to ask you what is up with big larry? last year we had to go to the bronx, we went to boston, we had a tough interleague schedule and went like 5-13. nobody complained. this year we have to play the a.l. central at home. the league rotates the schedule. just play, dog. we’re gonna get up on you guys tonight. ebb and flow, man.


    welll the braves lose again. how about the mark teixera trade. good lord what was the braves thinking he is a stuck up ego man who careas about nothing but him self.the texas rangers where so happy to get rid of him. we had julio franco who maybe be 50 years old but still can hit and was a great leader. julio had andrew jones up from 196 avg to an 233 avg. julio is a leader and a TEAM player not an ego person who thinks only of them selfs. why did we send julio away? a man that could hit and get the job done. when we had julio we got to a game of the mets. with mark texass we are now 6 and a half out. we needed pitching not a loser who can hit but is no leader and is no team player. please bring back julio and fire bobby cox because all he can do is pick his nose on tv and lose year in and year out. now that all his players are gone you are seeing he can not coach. with the players he had befor ray charles could have won.

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