1 Run Games Make The Baby Jesus Cry`

27 games, Thats how many total games the Braves have played in this young season. 14 games, Thats how many total 1 run games the Braves have been involved in. Losing 5 out of 9 one run ballgames? Not exactly priceless.

Braves fans are used to 1-run ballgames, almost if its just enough for the Braves to get by. This year, if you expect to win the division you have to pad your leads and keep them.

I’ll be honest, this is the best NL East Division i’ve seen in a few years, except obviously for the Nationals and the diapered Florida Marlins.

Last Night the Braves dropped the first game of the 2-game series with the Phillies, 5-4. Andruw Jones hit his 9th homer of the season in their effort, blame this game on the pen, Remlinger managed to give up a 8th inning 2 run shot to Aaron Rowand.

Renteria extended his hit-streak to 18 games.

Not a whole lot to say, didn’t get a chance to watch but two innings of the game, I only will miss games on TV when my favorite show comes on..

B0009wpm1q01 Yep, pretty much the best show on TV.


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