Turner South, My South?

Turner20south20logo_1As many of you know, On May 1st Time Warner dealt Fox Cable Networks "Turner South" for a approximately $375 million dollars in cash. Turner South has the rights to broadcast 58 Atlanta Braves game this season and Chip Caray, Don Sutton, Pete Van Weiren, and Skip Caray have essentially "lost" their jobs on the network and will NOT continue to broadcast games on the network. They will continue however on TBS and on the Atlanta Braves radio network. We are extremely fortunate to now have Bob Rathbun and Jeff Torborg calling the action. Really I’m full of it, I couldn’t stand them on 1 game a week on Fox Sports South, let alone 4 or 5 games a week. I’d rather listen to my wife b**ch about me playing xbox too much, or telling me to clean up the dog poop. I wish I didn’t live in an area where there were no Braves affiliates, I’d be must more happy with listening to Skip say something really dumb and Pete calling him out on it, but no I’m doomed to a life of hearing, "When I was managing this team, or when I was a catcher in the big leagues..Jeez, Torborg was a .214 Career Hitter, and had a .469 winning percentage as a manager, but I will say, at least he is better than his predecessor Tom Paciorek.

The fact of the matter is, Atlanta Braves fans expect to hear Skip, Pete, Don, and Chip – Outside of Chip, who has only been with the team for a few years, its like blasphemy, quite like eating cake without the icing. THEY ARE THE VOICE OF THE BRAVES! It’s indeed a shame, and unfortunately there isn’t anything anyone can about it.



  1. ssamu88754@aol.com

    Don’t forget about Joe Simpson folks as he has been with the Braves for 12+ years and is part of the Braves’ Broadcasting Team that has earned the respect of the fans over the years. Chip has been with the Braves one year as he was with the Cubs prior to coming to join the Braves organization. I think we all agree that five guys at some point won’t work and that changes were going to be made with one or two of the five. My bet is on Joe, Pete, Skip and Chip to stay in the booth unless someone decides to retire at some point in the next one or two years.

    Let’s hope the new owners will have some input as to who they want to represent the team and the fans in the booth. Fox needs to realize the fans should have some say in the process. Nothing against Bob or Jeff but to make a change at this stage of the season is not very smart on Fox’s part. Some accomadation on Fox’s part should have been considered on “Our South” not California or wherever their headquarters might be. Loyalty means an awlful lot to the Braves fans. Don’t destroy your fan base. Who is going to substitute for either one of Bob or Jeff when they aren’t available or Jeff Turborg decides to go back to managing again. Maybe sooner than later.

    Remember the old saying “If it ain’t broke” and remember fan loyalty.

  2. rideinthephlow@aol.com

    i agree keep the boyts that are the voice of the braves.
    skip and pete were fun. theynwould call each other out. living know on the west coast i dont hear or see them much due to work and hour change. keep on keepin on with the braves

  3. rmc65@columbia.edu

    Upon hearing that Don Sutton won’t be back with TBS next year, I have to say I’m disappointed. In my opinion, Sutton is the best analyst at TBS. Not only is he more knowledgeable than the others, but he is optimistic, friendly, and excited about being apart of the Braves. Skip Caray, in contrast, is synical and unhappy. Despite Skip’s tenure, I think he is a liability, especially considering the fact that TBS is going to cover non-Braves games.

  4. baseballhock@yahoo.com

    at least you get turner south. we don’t in nashville on cable.
    i like don, joe, and skip in that order. you can tell who i do not like. i am originally from ga and have been following

    the braves since 1952 when they

    were in milwaukee.

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