Forgot To Mention

I’ve had several email conversations back and forth with Zack Hample, aka "The Baseball Collector" who also has a very cool blog here on Check it out here. If you aren’t familair with Zack, he is one of the coolest people i’ve ever had a chance to talk to, he’s got balls..lots of balls.., heh. Almost 2800 if not more, that he has grabbed at major league parks across the country. Anyway, last year, we had a correspondence and I was asking him about a good section to catch a ball during BP. He’s been the Ted before so he was the perfect guy to ask, I ended up coming away with a Brian Jordan home-run ball during batting practice.

Over the weekend, when I was in Atlanta, I camped out this the right field seats for BP, the mets are loaded with Lefties. I came away with two balls, no pun intended. One was thrown the me by John Foster, Reliever for the Braves who is currently on the DL, and the other one I physically caught off the bat of Carlos Delgado on a ball that barely cleared the right field wall. Pretty cool… The "All-Star 2005 Ball was thrown to my by John Foster, the other one is the HR ball off Delgado.



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  1. Zack

    Hey! Thanks for the props…and yes, I realize I’m commenting three months after the fact, but for various reasons, I didn’t see this ’til now. Oops.

    Hope you’re well.

    -The Baseball Collector

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